Apps must use the SMART application programming interface and run inside the SMART reference EMR.

Apps may be open source or proprietary.  

Organizations unable to receive a cash prize will have the option of having the funds donated to one of a selected group of health charities.

Individuals funded or directly supervised by an individual directly funded by SMART are unable to win first prize, but you are encouraged to submit your SMART app.

There are no formal limitations on environment, though please be explicit about which environment your app was designed to run in.  We'll do our best to judge your app in that environment.  However, we cannot commit to judging apps in highly specialized environment, e.g., if you build an app that only runs on the Viewsonic G-Tablet, we cannot agree to buy hardware to test it. We strongly encourage you to submit an app that runs in a versatile way, degrading gracefully when aspects of browser support are absent. 

Both narrowly-focused and broader applications are welcome.  Both will be judged using the same judging criteria.

There are no limits on team size.